Microsegmentation: Enterprise Security in an Interconnected World

Reduce the risk of data breaches, simplify regulatory compliance, and make your security budget go further.

Join us on a 5-minute interactive tour to understand the need for microsegmentation and how ColorTokens Xshield can help you with this critical Zero Trust strategy.

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Traditional security measures such as firewalls and antivirus can no longer meet the security demands of a digital-first, cloud-native world. As a proactive cybersecurity position, implementing microsegmentation as a first step to Zero Trust can immediately help reduce the blast radius and prevent lateral movement of devastating breaches.

Microsegmentation helps address today’s security challenges by:

  • Reducing your attack surface
  • Eliminating lateral movement
  • Protecting critical applications and crown jewels
  • Containing breaches
  • Enabling regulatory compliance

What is Microsegmentation?

Microsegmentation is a security practice that aims to make security as granular as possible. It is achieved by dividing the network into isolated segments or “trust zones” so that the traffic to each segment can be monitored and controlled.

Interested in learning more? Take a quick tour through the ColorTokens microsegmentation demo.

You’ll get an in-depth look at Xshield’s advanced features, including:



Map workloads and endpoints to applications, services and user groups, across clouds and on-premise environments.



Visualize traffic in real-time with drill downs to individual sessions. Easily identify abnormal and malicious flows.


All-in-one dashboard

Visualize the traffic mix (east-west vs north-south), attack surface, residual risk, Internet threats, and more.

Reduce the risk of data breaches, simplify regulatory compliance, and make your security budget go further, effortlessly accelerate your Zero-Trust Microsegmentation journey today.