Micro-Segmentation on Your Terms

Effortlessly see, segment, and secure your critical network assets – in any environment.

  • Create segments that fit your needs: Group workloads by native attributes, or create them based on custom tags

  • Drive continuous security improvement: Create reusable templates and automatically enforce policies on new workloads and applications

  • Secure any environment: Easily implement Xshield no matter your cloud, server, or operating system

  • Achieve maximum protection: Defend against cyber threats with the industry’s only integrated micro-segmentation and Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) solution

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Improve Compliance and Reduce Operational Costs

Prevent business And reputation damage

  • Gain real-time visibility of your security posture across all workloads and environments

  • Reduce the attack surface by segmenting workloads, and applications critical to business

  • Defend against unknown cyber attacks and insider threats by applying security controls that allows only authorized flows

Secure Your Cloud Journey

  • Centralize security enforcement across hybrid and multi-cloud environments

  • Eliminate exposure by automatically extending security controls to new cloud-native workloads and applications

  • Lower operational costs with dynamic security enforcement when workloads move between data center and cloud

Reduce scope and cost of compliance

  • Avoid compliance violations and fines by isolating and controlling communication within, across, and to the segmented groups under audit

  • Achieve faster time to compliance by preventing unauthorized access to in-scope assets by enforcing zero trust access to internal and 3rd party users

  • Address compliance needs of a vast number of standards and frameworks including PCI-DSS, HIPAA, GDPR, and CCPA


Start your protection journey with Visualization

  • Easily discover previously unknown workloads on your network, observe network flows, and map application dependencies

  • Discover and label at-risk assets through out of box tagging of potentially malicious communication with external bad reputation IPs

  • Understand how asset vulnerabilities can be exploited with built-in vulnerability scanner

  • Layer business context on top of your security view by creating custom groups


Progressive security with zero trust micro-segmentation

  • Create segments to fit your needs – group workload by native attributes (OS name, network, etc.) or create based on custom tags (location, compliance scope, etc.)

  • Remove uncertainty before enforcing micro-segmentation policies using observation mode to improve their effectiveness

  • Roll out policies at your own pace by defining policies for only a specific group of workloads, applications, or subnets

  • Eliminate network level constructs by enabling attribute-based access controls

Auto-adjusting policies for operational efficiency

  • Automatically enforce micro-segmentation policies on new workloads and applications with dynamic policy engine

  • Define consistent policies using natural language that is automatically translated across operating systems and environments

  • Save time and potential misconfigurations by creating reusable security policy templates that can be applied across data centers, multi-cloud environments

  • Dynamic policy re-computation based on changing workload behavior and redistribution in minutes, all from the cloud


Secure user control with Zero Trust Microsegment Access

  • Gain granular visibility into unauthorized access, anomalous and malicious user behavior

  • Fortify security with dual level authentication that works at device and user level

  • Implement granular access controls to allow authorized user access to only their assigned applications

  • Apply security policies at the user, role, and/or department levels regardless of the geo location


Get fully Operational

Across Your Infrastructure

in Minutes


Provide unified visibility into networks, clouds, workloads and applications.


Deploy policy based on multiple user attributes, applications, subnets, and more.


Deploy thousands of agents in minutes using Microsoft GPO, Puppet, or a variety of other industry standard (automation) tools.


Enforce proactive security for workloads, users and applications.

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The Definitive Guide to Zero Trust Security

Foreword by Dr. Tony Scott, former Federal CIO of the United States.

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  • Automation Options

    Reusable security policy templates, server roles and resource access parameters.

  • Scalability

    Definable business applications mapped to server roles, security and connection information – Simplify micro-segmentation across clouds in hybrid deployments.

  • Interoperability

    Platform agnostic implementation.

  • Limited Attack Surface

    Zero-trust network with full visibility and control.



  • Resource-intensive

    Segmenting using subnets – define separate policies for every subnet and configure the VLANs and ACLs.

  • Unnecessary Complexity

    Segmenting using VMs – VMs located on the Hypervisor are not platform agnostic and do not communicate with other resources in a multi-vendor environment. Also, the Hypervisor must be protected to comply with the enterprise security policy.

  • High cost

    Segmenting using firewalls – Must provision for capital intensive advanced firewalls to segment the network and ensure that there’s no performance degradation in data throughput. Also, there is no escape from creating and managing thousands of firewall rules.


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