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Full Visibility of Applications, Endpoints and Workloads.

You Can’t Protect What You Can’t See

Zero-Day threat visibility

  • Instant insights to build a proactive security model

  • Understand the attack surface to define micro-segments

  • Identify potential risks and vulnerabilities that can compromise your crown jewels

Improved security operations efficiency

  • Faster incident response by leveraging security intelligence and attack path analysis

  • Prioritize and build protection plan for every application, based on its value, risk and attack surface

  • Gain intelligence on the effectiveness of existing security controls

Avoid compliance violations and fines

  • Ace your audits through complete visibility and inventory of IT assets

  • Discover security control gaps, network misconfigurations, and malicious communications

  • Prove HIPAA, PCI adherence while reducing the cost of compliance


Visibility of Misconfigurations

  • Uncover unwarranted open ports and misconfigurations across all assets using built-in vulnerability port scanner and integration with market-leading threat intelligence

  • Identify misconfigurations in applications and operating systems such as incorrect DNS server configurations

  • Troubleshoot misconfigured VLANs and access control lists (ACLs)

Visibility of Misconfigurations
xview automatic asset discovery

Automatic Asset Discovery

  • Centralize all assets across clouds and on-premise into a single view

  • Understand application dependencies by mapping ports, services, and communication flows of each asset

  • Discover every asset on the network that is communicating with crown jewel assets

Zero Trust View into Network and Workloads

  • Gain visibility into network flows between your workloads categorized as allowed, unauthorized, or blocked

  • Understand threat traversal for forensics and faster incident response and mitigation

  • Improve collaboration between business lines and security teams by managing security controls on groups created based on business needs

Xview zero trust
Xview track comppliance

Track Compliance Violations

  • Monitor security control violations for applications and workloads

  • Mine network flow data with powerful, filtered search across 20 plus parameters

  • Gain insights into adherence of HIPAA, GDPR, CCPA and PCI compliance mandates

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