Webinar: Zero Trust Microsegmentation – was the promise delivered?

Zero Trust Microsegmentation promises to reduce blast radius, stem the spread of cyberattacks, and maintain resilient network against Zero Day attacks. The concept is sound and the value proposition is compelling but what are the innovations that power Zero Trust Microsegmentation solutions? Are these solutions truly different from ground up or a creative repackaging of existing concepts? How does Zero Trust concept translate to real-world deployments and can you recognize the ROI that was promised? Additionally, every security product company has its take on how zero-trust should be experienced. And without a formal standard, some companies even call their product Zero Trust.

With increased digital transformation and cloud adoptions, most organizations are setting aside budgets and resources to adopt Zero Trust. But they are challenged with complexities in how zero trust should be weaved into their cyber defense program, whether they are integrating a new solution or updating existing defenses to remain relevant to current cybersecurity challenges and issues.

Join this webinar where, Agnidipta Sarkar, CISO – Biocon and a digital resilience evangelist, will take us through the journey into Zero Trust that required cooperation and bringing together almost various departments, navigating internal processes and a security maturity model, and managing critical legacy systems – all while minimizing impact to daily business operations.

In this webinar, we will discuss:

  • Building a CISO mindset to layout a security model that will work for your business
  • Understanding the limitations and capabilities of security tools and products
  • Real life example of how a right model can maximize the value of your existing security tools and products
  • Getting Zero Trust to work for you


Harish Akali

Harish Akali

Chief Technology Officer | ColorTokens Inc


Harish is an innovative technology leader and as CTO, brings to ColorTokens more than 29 years of experience in enterprise software and cloud development. He has led product development teams for industry-leading cloud and enterprise software companies. He has a proven track record of strategic acquisitions and has conceived, designed, and developed multiple, highly profitable products. Harish leads global software teams and is an expert at guiding diverse teams toward goal attainment in high-pressure, fast-paced, agile environments.


Agnidipta Sarkar

Group CISO | Biocon


Evangelist EMERITUS, Agnidipta Sarkar, has always been an passionate advocate of digital resilience as an essential element for digital transformation. He contributes to many international standards bodies like ISO, NIST. Cloud Security Alliance, BCI. Agni, as he is usually called is also a frequent speaker multiple global platforms like Gartner, IDC, Economic Times, ISMG EC Council etc. In the past he has been a Consultant, an Auditor and a Change leader in areas of Cyber security, Business Continuity, Data Privacy & Risk Optimization. He has influenced changes in digital transformation initiatives, especially in complex industries that cover research, health care, regulatory compliance, manufacturing, and supply chain, sales, and outsourcing. He is currently the Group CISO of Biocon and leading a group of very accomplished experts across academia and industry to formulate the 1st Digital Resilience standard at BIS for India.