Zero Trust Architecture:

A Modern Security Blueprint




Given the new normal of remote work, it is more critical than ever to secure networks and respond to threats, irrespective of where systems, data, or applications sit. Applying Zero Trust security principles – whereby organizations take a "trust nothing, verify everything" approach to authenticate and authorize every access request – can go a long way toward defending against complex cyber threats.

But what, exactly, are the key components of a strong Zero Trust Architecture, and how can organizations go about implementing them? Join experts from ColorTokens and Native12 for an informative discussion on bringing Zero Trust to your enterprise.

  • Why Zero Trust security strategies are effective in combating modern cyber threats
  • What your organization needs to build a strong Zero Trust Architecture
  • How ColorTokens and Native12 can help your enterprise achieve cyber resilience
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Sunil Muralidhar
Sunil Muralidhar

Senior Director of Products


Sunil Muralidhar is the Senior Director of Products at ColorTokens. He is equally passionate about building business and developing world-class security products. Prior to joining ColorTokens, Sunil helped build enterprise-grade system management and analytics solutions at Microsoft, VMware, and Tintri.

Sami Abunasser
Sami Abunasser

President and Chief of Engineering