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Join us on a 5-minute interactive tour to understand the need for microsegmentation and how ColorTokens Xshield can help you with this critical Zero Trust strategy.

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The Definition of Modern Zero Trust

March, 2022

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What is micro segmentation

Micro-segmentation is a security practice that aims to make security as granular …

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Data Breaches Cost Millions. How Can Companies Prevent Them?

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Environment Separation

Secure environment separation of applications, workloads, and servers

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Incredible service, incredible product…as our business grows, different problems and opportunities demand different approach, This product helped us to concentrate on our IT operations and stop worrying about IT security.

CIO of Healthcare Organization

Firm Size: $250M - $500M

The security you need with the partner you want……this is as close to ‘set it and forget it’ that you can get when it comes to workload protection.

Senior IT Manager of Retail Organization

Firm Size: $500M - $1B

Outstanding. Extraordinary visibility of network communication and extraordinary application-level protection for the Servers and end points

CTO of Financial Firm

Firm Size: $50M - $250M

I wish we knew about this sooner.

Senior IT Manager of Retail Organization

Firm Size: $500M - $1B

Without any business interruption…the insight in your environments afterwards is phenomenal

CIO of Healthcare Organization

Firm Size: $1B- $3B

The product [Xtended ZeroTrust™ Platform] is excellent when it comes to delivering Zero Trust security…it fills the gap in any IT Environment.

IT Infrastructure Lead of Manufacturing Organization

Firm Size: $10B - $30B

No longer are we chained to the never ending cycle of signature updates that consume too much bandwidth, never ending disk scans that in turn use up all CPU cycles or the constant fear that the endpoint isn't running…I wish we knew about this [the Xtended ZeroTrust™ Platform] sooner.

Senior IT Manager of Retail Organization

Firm Size: $500M - $1B

ColorTokens provides a superior and easy-to-deploy solution - the best in class for micro-segmentation and vulnerability management"

Vice President, IT of Healthcare Organization

Firm Size: $50 - $250M

ColorTokens Inc. is a leading innovator in SaaS-based Zero Trust cybersecurity solutions providing global enterprises with a unique set of products and services for securing applications, data, and users across cloud and hybrid environments. Through its award-winning Xtended ZeroTrust™ Platform and context-aware machine learning-powered technologies, ColorTokens helps businesses accurately assess and improve their security posture dynamically.

As cloud adoption grows, traditional perimeters get redefined, and new attack vectors and threat actors materialize, corporations recognize their security posture needs to reflect their Zero Trust philosophy. ColorTokens’ technology allows customers to achieve Zero Trust by utilizing rich, meaningful contextual information about the application, microservice, or protected resource, so customers can apply Zero Trust with as secure of a perimeter as they can. ColorTokens’ cloud-based SaaS platform can automatically deploy next-generation security controls and increase security posture dynamically without any new hardware, downtime, reboots, or changes to a client’s existing systems.

With a team of over 400 people, ColorTokens has global office locations in San Jose, California; New York; London; Copenhagen, Denmark; and Bengaluru, India. For more information, please visit