Webinar: How Organizations Successfully Overcome Challenges in their Zero Trust Security Initiatives

Are you considering a network microsegmentation or a secure remote access project? Or, do you have an existing cyber initiative that’s stalled before creating any real value?

In this webinar, we’ll hear from two veterans of cyber security who’ve truly “been there and did that.” They’ll discuss how organizations successfully overcame challenges in their cyber security implementation projects and how they benefited from using Colortokens’ Unified Zero Trust Platform to ease their path towards zero trust architecture.

Key discussion points:

  • Zero Trust security use-cases and case studies
  • The pathway to successful Zero Trust implementation
  • Q&A



Jay Hussein

Chief Customer Officer, ColorTokens Inc.


Jay has spent the last 25 years being unapologetically dedicated to customers with a career that spans multiple security, networking, and automation start-ups as well as public companies including Morgan Stanley, Level 3, and SS&C. Jay has a long history of bringing together Customer Success, Professional Services, and Customer Support into a highly functional and successful Customer Office, driving values for the customer. He strives to lay the foundation for creating a driven, happy, and high-performing team – the key to delighted customers and organization success. Jay earned his PhD in Philosophy and MBA accreditation from Harvard Business School.


Agnidipta Sarkar

Vice President, CISO Advisory, ColorTokens


Evangelist EMERITUS, Agnidipta Sarkar, has always been an passionate advocate of digital resilience as an essential element for digital transformation. He contributes to many international standards bodies like ISO, NIST. Cloud Security Alliance, BCI. Agni, as he is usually called is also a frequent speaker multiple at global platforms like Gartner, IDC, Economic Times, ISMG EC Council etc. In the past he has been a Consultant, an Auditor and a Change leader in areas of Cyber security, Business Continuity, Data Privacy & Risk Optimization. He has influenced changes in digital transformation initiatives, especially in complex industries that cover research, health care, regulatory compliance, manufacturing, and supply chain, sales, and outsourcing.