Lessons Learned:

Adoption and Implementation of the Zero Trust Security Model

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The Zero Trust Security Model is an innovative solution to the cybersecurity challenges that come with cloud migration and remote workers. It is based on the idea “never trust, always verify,” because today everything runs on the Internet — and even resources behind firewalls are no longer protected. Securing this type of environment requires fully authenticated, authorized, and encrypted requests before users can access any resource. This zero trust approach ensures that the right people are getting the right level of access across the enterprise, improving security posture and end-user productivity.

Come listen to us address the biggest challenges to Zero Trust Security Model implementation and hear our tips on making implementation easy. You’ll benefit from our zero trust expertise when you join us to:

  • Learn how to manage and secure identity and authentication
  • Understand the least privilege principle, then learn how to implement and manage privileges
  • Be confident in how to secure privileged access and how to properly secure endpoints
Paula Januszkiewicz
Paula Januszkiewicz

CEO, Cybersecurity Expert


Paula Januszkiewicz is a security expert and the founder and CEO of CQURE, an IT and cybersecurity consulting company that conducts IT security audits and penetration testing.

Paula is a Cloud and Datacenter Management Microsoft MVP and an honorable Microsoft Regional Director for CEE. She is a popular speaker at global conferences, including the Gartner Security Summit. At RSA 2017 both of her sessions were named among the five hottest talks, and her Black Hat presentation was voted Best of Black Hat Asia Briefings 2019.

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Mike Gable
Mike Gable

Vice President


Mike Gable is an accomplished cybersecurity professional who helped establish Trend Micro as a player in the Enterprise Data Center market and developed messaging and GTM strategies for several rising vendors.

He joined ColorTokens in 2020 to drive U.S. business. Mike has expertise in all customer-facing disciplines, having built and run enterprise sales, professional services, pre-sales, inside sales, and technical support teams. He has the mind of a financial analyst, the heart of a salesman, and the soul of a techie.

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