V2 Security

The Breach Defense Mandate: Guide to Being Breach Ready!

May 1st – 2nd 2024
Øksnehallen, Copenhagen
Booth #102

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Join us at V2 Security and discover how to stay ahead of cybersecurity threats!

V2 Security is denmark’s largest expo & conference on cyber and information security. V2 Security welcomes IT managers and security specialists to two exciting days in Copenhagen. More than 4,000 visitors, 80 exhibitors and over 100 seminars will all be contributing to more awareness and knowledge about IT security, cloud solutions, compliance, and cutting edge technologies.

V2 Security also offers a unique opportunity to network and be inspired at Øksnehallen, where likeminded experts and professionals connect with exhibitors, industry partners, organizations, and many more.

Meet the ColorTokens experts at Booth #102 as they share key insights and perspectives that will empower organizations to be breach ready. Our expert Berry de Jong will host an interactive discussion on “The Breach Defense Mandate: Guide to Being Breach Ready!”

Session Date & Time: 01 May, 12:00 PM

Session Title: The Breach Defense Mandate: Guide to Being Breach Ready!


Berry de Jong

Regional Director – Sales


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