Traditional methods of protecting fixed-function devices, such as anti-virus software, are not very useful.

  • Fixed-function device performance degradation:

    Low CPU, memory, and storage to handle signature-based solutions

  • Network performance degradation:

    Frequent virus signature updates increase bandwidth consumption

  • Fragmented and seasonal POS environments:

    End-of-life and unpatched Windows POS systems that are not regularly patched but need to be secured

  • Compliance reporting for on-premises and multi-cloud datacenters:

    Lack of visibility into compliance violations across multi-vendor environments

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Enterprises can secure fixed-function devices running on Windows and Linux with ColorTokens Xprotect. The lightweight, cloud-delivered solution provides powerful and customizable application control technology to run only company-sanctioned applications – thus protecting endpoints from anything unknown and potentially dangerous. Xprotect does not require frequent patch updates and protects endpoints in air-gapped and offline environments to thwart ransomware, fileless malware, and zero-day threats. Additionally, it is perfectly suited for end-of-life and unpatched or irregularly patched systems.

POS System, ATM, and Kiosk Lockdown

ColorTokens’ lightweight solution protects point of sale (POS) systems, automated teller machines (ATMs), check-in kiosks, and industrial control systems (ICS) running on Windows and Linux operating systems from sophisticated threats. Process-level lockdown enables complete protection from ransomware, zero-day threats, fileless malware, dtrack malware, advanced persistent threats (APTs), return-oriented programming (ROP), remote access trojan (RAT), and much more.

Unpatched and Legacy System Protection

Most fixed-function devices run on unpatched or difficult-to-patch versions of Windows or Linux, making them vulnerable to cyberattacks. ColorTokens Xprotect enables administrators to make these systems tamper-proof, eliminating the need for expensive, cumbersome, and bandwidth-intensive patch management exercises. Xprotect also cuts upgrade costs for systems that no longer receive patches from the software vendor.

Zero-Trust Security Visibility at the Process Level

ColorTokens Xprotect takes a simple yet robust and proactive approach to security. Xprotect enables zero trust at the kernel level to detect, alert, and prevent unauthorized processes running on fixed-function devices. Xprotect works with the known good, that is, the whitelisted processes, combined with contextual behavior analysis to detect suspicious activities.

Built-In Reports for Audits and Compliance

Download readily available reports, such as suspicious file reports, blocked process reports, incident reports, and many more, to quickly audit the security of fixed-function devices. Meet regulatory compliance requirements with granular process-level visibility and control.

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ColorTokens Xprotect for Endpoint Protection