Security solutions for airport

Simplifying cyber-security at airports

Airports are going digital to enhance guest experience and airport operations. Multitude of technologies for ticketing, baggage, self-check-in, runway lightings, HVAC, SCADA, POS, building and parking management, video surveillance etc. have been deployed. Airports depend on multiple service providers for power, Internet, applications, IT services for day to day operations. Any failure by service provider can cripple airports operations and cause huge financial damages.
Given the strategic importance of airports hacker groups are tempted to exploit vulnerabilities in airports IT network. A 1,000+ attacks per month are bombarded on aviation systems. Lack of cyber security frame work for airports is making airport CEOs and security executives role extremely difficult. Expectation from security executives is to thwart evolving cyber threats with traditionally reactive technologies.

Key security challenges

Stealth-mode security for airports

Solution brief
Protecting airports from
known and unknown cyber threats

Granular visibility of airport IT network

Multiple monitoring and visibility tools are deployed to get visibility across far end of the IT network. ColorTokens provides granular cross-segment traffic visibility across the airport’s on-premise or multi-cloud, data center infrastructure. ColorTokens proprietary residual risk metrics and contextual analytics continuously assesses and improves security posture of the airport IT infrastructure in real-time.
Granular visibility
Zero trust networks

Zero-trust network for your airport

Network segmentation using high capacity internal firewalls is expensive. VLAN/ACL for segmentation is a huge operational overhead and highly error prone. ColorTokens can help swiftly create logical segments across on-premise, multi-cloud or hybrid infrastructure. ColorTokens unified security policy follow assets independent of the underlying layer, blocking APT or malware originating from any point in the network.

Tamper resistant terminals and endpoints

Large number of kiosks, self check-in terminals, POS can be infected and used to spawn a malicious process to infect the computer and spread laterally. ColorTokens provides exceptional security by locking down check-in kiosks, baggage handling terminals, building and video management systems and so on. ColorTokens straightforward yet robust signature-less approach protects legacy, unpatched and unsupported endpoints. ColorTokens goes a step ahead in protecting these systems even if they are offline.
Tamper resistant terminals and endpoints - Security solutions for airport
Case study
Gmr group airports now have proactive protection
from internal & external threats

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