Security Solutions for Financial Organizations

Enabling robust security for financial organizations

Financial organizations adopt the latest perimeter protection and intrusion detection systems. Yet, 24% of the breaches target financial organizations. Of these, 51% include malware, while 66% of the malware is distributed by malicious email attachments.
  • Perimeter security is ineffective against malware, ransomware, and lateral threats
  • Undetected insider attacks lead to monetary loss, regulatory fines, and loss of brand reputation
  • Legacy systems and unpatched applications increase vulnerabilities and the attack surface

Gain Complete Visibility into East-West Traffic

ColorTokens enables granular visibility into cross-segment traffic in any multi-vendor data center environment. Our intuitive web-based dashboard provides a centralized view of the traffic between clients and servers hosting critical banking or financial applications. With this visibility of workloads and traffic across clouds, you can skip the hassle of using multiple monitoring tools in silos.
Complete visibility
Isolate critical banking applications environments

Isolate Critical Banking Application Environments

ColorTokens enables secure micro-segmentation of your data center spanning bare metal or multi-cloud environments. By separating core financial workloads into different secure environments, access to these applications is purely based on the intent, eliminating advanced persistent threats (APTs) and zero-day malware. ColorTokens makes creating these zero-trust networks easy, without the need for additional investments on high-capacity firewalls or dealing with thousands of firewall rules.

Protect Critical Servers, ATM Kiosks, and Endpoints

With the fully customizable lockdown, transactional servers, endpoints, and ATM kiosks can be made tamper-resistant to known and unknown threats like malware, ransomware, and sophisticated APT lateral threats.

By enabling process-level visibility and control of critical assets in the banking system, only the known good (or whitelisted) processes are allowed to run. Firewall configurations right down to the process level can be enabled to have granular control over inbound and outbound connections. With ColorTokens, ATM kiosks running on legacy systems and unpatched software can be protected without the need for costly patch management or system upgrades.

Protect critical servers, ATM kiosks and endpoints
Accomplish compliance

Accomplish Compliance and Simplify Audits

ColorTokens is helping financial organizations meet compliance standards and simplify audits by:

  • Providing granular visibility across subnets and application segments, eliminating the need to analyze every access control list (ACL)

    Enabling the discovery of reachable ports on critical servers across subnets and enforcing policies to block communications on unauthorized ports

  • Saving costs by limiting the audit scope of the data centers using micro-segmentation and meeting regulatory compliance requirement (PCI-DSS, GLBA, RBI cyber security framework, etc.)

  • Eliminating risky guesswork and ensuring consistent security and compliance across your financial organization’s data center, saving hours of manual effort and operational headache

  • Solution Brief
    Protecting Banking and Financial
    Institutions from Cyber Fraud
    Rapid implementation in just 15 minutes
    Rapid implementation in just 15 minutes
    Protection for endpoints and workloads
    Protection for endpoints and workloads
    Zero trust architecture with unprecedented visibility
    Zero trust architecture with unprecedented visibility
    Platform-independent solution with no vendor lock-in headache
    Platform-independent solution with no vendor lock-in headache
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