Zero Trust Microsegmentation:
Reduce Blast Radius and Achieve Granular Cybersecurity with ColorTokens

An Executive Discussion Paper

Industry analysts today are increasingly recommending CISOs and CIOs consider implementing more proactive approaches to cybersecurity, and believe a “Zero Trust” strategy, based on the principle of ‘never trust, always verify,’ represents the most effective way to achieve it.

As a growing and favored security practice, microsegmentation aims to make security as granular as possible and is a key factor in helping CISOs of organizations realize their Zero Trust architecture visions. By strategically segmenting and creating tailored security policies for specific parts of a network and application workloads, CISOs can leverage microsegmentation to greatly reduce the impact of an attack and help execute Zero Trust effectively.​​​

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  • Reduce attack surface and create a resilient network via Zero Trust
  • Limit the effects of malicious lateral movement​
  • Protect applications and data across on-prem, hybrid, and cloud

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