Cybersecurity for Airports

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Given the importance of each of these functions -- not to mention basic services like power, internet, applications, and IT -- any system failure can cripple airports operations and cause huge financial damages. Some of the key challenges concerning airport IT staff are:

  • Security across multiple interconnected systems
  • Large numbers of unprotected endpoints that are vulnerable to APTs and malware
  • A lack of trained security professionals
  • An ever-increasing attack surface, and the growing frequency of attacks

The ColorTokens Xtended ZeroTrustTM Platform strengthens airport cybersecurity by taking a centralized and proactive approach. ColorTokens can protect data across multi-cloud and platforms. This unified approach simplifies airport cybersecurity and helps the security team improve operational efficiency.

Airport IT Networks

Granular Visibility into Airport IT Networks

ColorTokens helps airports identify potential risks and vulnerabilities that can compromise their crown jewels. The ColorTokens Xtended ZeroTrustTM Platform provides granular cross-segment traffic visibility across the airport’s on-premises, multi-cloud, and/or datacenter infrastructure. As a result, airports can drastically and quickly improve their security posture.

Zero-Trust Network for Your Airport

Zero-Trust Network for Your Airport

With ColorTokens’ zero-trust micro-segmentation policies, airports can prioritize and build protection plans for every application based on their value, risk, and attack surface. Security teams can save time and reduce potential misconfigurations by creating reusable security policy templates that can be applied across datacenters and multi-cloud environments. The ColorTokens Xtended ZeroTrustTM Platform helps protect crown jewels and critical data by enforcing zero-trust access to internal and third-party users, thereby preventing unauthorized activity.

Tamper-Resistant Terminals and Endpoints

ColorTokens provides exceptional security by locking down check-in kiosks, ticketing systems, video management systems, and more. ColorTokens’ straightforward yet robust signature-less approach protects legacy, unpatched, and unsupported endpoints. ColorTokens goes a step ahead in enabling continuous protection through lightweight, self-contained agents, even if endpoints are offline.

Increased Operational Efficiency

ColorTokens provides granular visibility into entire network communications, enabling security and risk professionals to swiftly remediate and reduce security gaps rather than collating and analyzing alerts from various security tools. With ColorTokens, security and risk teams can increase operational efficiency by automatically enforcing micro-segmentation policies on enterprise applications and dynamic workloads.

Solution Brief

Protecting Airports From Known and Unknown Cyber Threats