IDC Provides a Solution Checklist for Transforming Zero Trust Principles to Reliable Practices

Digital transformation (DX) is creating a highly fragmented, expanding, and dynamic footprint of applications, data, devices, end users, and networks. Implicit trust, unfortunately, is a casualty. Micro-segmentation can operationalize the principles of zero trust and least privilege in balancing risk and business activity.” IDC*

The attack surface that accompanies cloud adoption not only is expanding but also is brimming with change. IDC breaks down the common traits and security challenges that organizations share as they push forward their cloud journeys to boost speed and agility in IT operations.


  • Zero trust and least privilege principles are critical as the risks of assumed trust are mounting.

  • Transforming principles to reliable practices is difficult.

  • Micro-segmentation eases the transformation of principles to reliable practices.

  • Micro-segmentation solutions vary.

Access the report now to read more about IDC’s solution checklist and recommendations for selecting an optimal micro-segmentation solution.

*Michael Suby, Research Vice President, Security and Trust

Access IDC's Zero Trust Solution Checklist

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