CIO Klub Pune – Tech Saga 2024

Conrad Pune
16-Mar 2024
10:00 AM Onwards

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Join us at the CIO Klub Pune – Tech Saga 2024 and discover how to stay ahead of cybersecurity threats!

The Tech Saga 2024 is an exclusive event designed to bring together over 170+ forward-thinking Technology Leaders from various industries to engage, network, and gain valuable insights into the latest technological advancements.

As we join hands with CIO Klub Pune Chapter as the Platinum Partner for Tech Saga 2024, come meet the ColorTokens experts at our booth as they share key insights and perspectives that will empower organizations to be breach ready. Do not miss the opportunity to participate in Shakeel Khan’s presentation session – “The Breach Defense Mandate: Guide to Being Breach Ready!”



Vice President – Sales


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