How a leading healthcare organization stays a step ahead of cyber threat

The healthcare industry has been hit hard by cyberattacks in recent years. Over 3,500 large data breaches have been reported in the last decade (in the U.S. alone), with 78 million healthcare records exposed.

With today’s treacherous cyber threat landscape in mind, one of America’s leading cancer centers decided it was time for Zero Trust.

The cancer center implemented the ColorTokens Xtended Zero Trust Platform to secure its mission-critical infrastructure: 10,000-plus servers running a mix of modern and legacy applications, 20,000 endpoints, and 120-plus petabytes of data.

That decision turned out to be a wise one. With an assist from ColorTokens, the cancer center has successfully:

  • Secured EPIC and EPIC back-up servers
  • Blocked unauthorized traffic
  • Segmented a flat data center network
  • Locked down legacy systems, several of which are no longer supported by the manufacturer

Get your copy of the case study to learn more about the cancer center’s path to Zero Trust — including key benefits and projects — by viewing our summary of the project, “Leading Cancer Center Partners with ColorTokens to Strengthen Its Cyber Resilience & Reduce Risk.”

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