Build your strongest defence against cyberthreat and ransomware

India witnessed almost 1.39 million cyber security incidents just in the year 2022. In addition to that, there seems to be no dearth of targeted attacks, increasing vulnerabilities due to accelerated 5G adoption and the surge in large-scale cloud adoption.

Given the current threat landscape, over 82% of business executives in India foresee an increase in cybersecurity budgets in 2023. Zero Trust has become an ‘essential’ security strategy from being just a ‘good to have’ approach in cyber security discussions amongst leaders.

Business leaders are looking to strengthen their cybersecurity strategies and step-up investments in data protection, while aiming to simplify the complexity of security implementation at the same time.

At ColorTokens, we aim to provide a robust microsegmentation and access solution on a single platform, delivered through a SaaS model. From data centers to hybrid to multi-cloud to applications, users, and devices, we quickly and proactively defend you against ransomware, unauthorized lateral movement and zero-day attacks.

At the ETCISO event, we will speak about how Microsegmentation is the first and only right step to achieve futureproof security, and how organizations should go about their Zero Trust journey.

We invite you to connect with us to explore how you can leverage microsegmentation to greatly reduce the impact of an attack and help execute Zero Trust effectively. You can be assured of walking away with some practical insights and testimonials of how our customers seamlessly achieved a true Zero Trust platform with us!

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