The Results Are in: GigaOm Radar Report for Microsegmentation

Will Rogers once said, “If you get someone else to blow your horn, the sound will carry twice as far.”  

We feel that the highly respected research firm GigaOm has done just that in its recent report, the GigaOm Radar for Microsegmentation.  

We’re excited to appear in this report because it gives security professionals a systematic way to understand the benefits of our enterprise microsegmentation platform, ranked against 11 other notable vendors in this space.  

ColorTokens’ Xshield Enterprise Microsegmentation Platform was evaluated alongside the other solutions in three categories: key features, emerging features, and business criteria.  I’m happy to say that we were ranked number one in both the key features and business criteria categories.   

Let’s delve into the key feature evaluation results. ColorTokens demonstrated its prowess by achieving a perfect score in four out of the five feature categories. This exceptional performance led us to secure the highest score overall in the key feature comparison. This outstanding result underscores the unique strengths of our platform and its ability to outperform its competitors in these important areas of automated discovery and mapping, traffic and behavior analysis, policy definition, network-based policy enforcement, and integrations.   


The lead analyst on the report, Andrew Green, commented, “To deliver on a broad range of use cases, ColorTokens’ microsegmentation solution is comprehensive, with multiple integrations, an agent-based, network appliance, and agentless deployment models. Xshield is one of the only solutions to deliver segmentation capabilities across all these types of entities…Xshield is able to enforce microsegmentation policies for cloud services, microservices, end-user devices, and OT and IoT environments. This wide set of use cases is likely to satisfy most organizations’ segmentation requirements without any need to deploy additional solutions…With a stable solution and a wide range of supported use cases, the solution is positioned as a Leader in the Maturity/Platform Play quadrant. While the vendor has a good pipeline of developments, it is positioned in the Maturity half because the solution is unlikely to be rearchitected or disrupt operations.” 

And the winner is… 

The outcome of their evaluation led GigaOm to rate ColorTokens a leader in the platform play/maturity quadrant. (Closer to the center is the higher score on the Radar graphic.) 

We’re proud of this outcome because our product management and engineering teams have worked hard to provide the comprehensive solution that security pros need to make their enterprise breach-ready using microsegmentation.   

We’re committed to the idea that breach prevention strategies alone are not enough. Recent history teaches us that despite the best efforts to protect the perimeter from threats, the inevitable initial compromise will eventually happen. The only way to prevent a breach from becoming a crisis is by stopping the spread through lateral movement. That’s what our clients tell us is the real benefit of our solution: it lets them configure their digital operations to be breach-ready by design so they can continue their critical business processes even in the face of an attack, and quickly return to normal operations.  

You can access a copy of the complete GigaOm Radar for Microsegmentation report on our website at: The GigaOm Radar Report for Microsegmentation – ColorTokens

If you are headed down the microsegmentation path, and would like to talk to us about this report, we’d have happy to assist. Get in touch here.