Catching Up on RSAC 2024: What You Missed and Why It Matters


Tanuj Mitra

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May 17, 2024

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We were thrilled to see all of you in San Francisco last week at RSAC! We had one of the busiest RSAs to date, and we sincerely thank you if you took the time to stop by. Whether it was for a chat with one of our many experts on the ground, sitting in on a presentation, or perhaps looking at a demo, we hope you found the time worthwhile. The ColorTokens team was inspired by the overwhelming interest in proactive security measures and breach readiness approach. 

Awards Galore at RSAC 2024

ColorTokens was selected as a winner of Cyber Defense Magazine’s 12th Annual Global InfoSec Awards in the following categories: 

  • Best Product Microsegmentation 
  • Best Product OT Security (Operational Technology Security)
  • Publisher’s Choice Zero Trust Platform 
  • Most Innovative Cyber Defense Readiness Platform 

These awards reinforced the strengths of the ColorTokens Xshield Enterprise Microsegmentation Platform™, positioning organizations to be “breach-ready” against a complex cyber threat landscape.  

We also claimed wins in the Cybersecurity Excellence Awards for Microsegmentation, Zero Trust Security, and Cloud Workload Protection, and received Globee Cybersecurity Awards for Container Security and Microsegmentation.  

These accolades follow recognition by top industry analysts like GigaOm, Forrester, and Constellation Research

Building on this industry-wide acknowledgement, our presenters at the conference–members of our executive team, CPO office, cybersecurity experts, and solutions architecture team–undoubtedly hit a chord with our audience. 

Now, let’s move on to the line-up of exciting security sessions that took place at our booth… 

Exploring Lateral Movement with Paula J

Kicking off the conference presentations was Paula Januszkiewicz, CEO and Founder of CQURE, who demonstrated real-world attack scenarios using privilege escalation and lateral movement. One of her sessions explored domain accounts and Active Directory (AD). Paula showed how the master keys of all domain users in an organization could be decrypted using hidden certificates stored in AD. Given the inherent vulnerability in Active Directory’s design, Paula discussed how a proactive security approach, specifically using microsegmentation, is critical for protection.

A Look into the Future of Healthcare with Yoni S 

Yoni Salomon, Principal Solutions Architect at Claroty, presented the evolution of healthcare cybersecurity in the age of cyber-physical systems (CPS). Joined by Surya Kollimarla, Director of Product Management at ColorTokens, they highlighted the need for a different approach due to the proliferation of CPS. They showcased the Claroty’s Medigate platform and its integration with ColorTokens, providing robust cybersecurity for healthcare organizations. 

Access Security Threat Insights | This resource hub is your one-stop-shop for all things breach awareness, best practices, and rapid-response knowledge.” 

Cloud Security and Zero Trust Approach 

Christopher Steffen, Vice President of Research at Enterprise Management Associates and co-chair of the Zero Trust working group for the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA), presented four fundamental aspects of cloud security. Christopher emphasized the importance of Zero Trust as a necessary strategy for cloud security as 90% of enterprises use cloud-based services. He discussed how businesses are currently addressing these challenges and provided resources to help organizations implement Zero Trust architecture for enhanced cloud security.  

Being Shields UP and Breach Ready 

Agnidipta Sarkar, Vice President of CISO Advisory, discussed the difference between security, defense, and resilience in his session “How to be Shields UP and Breach Ready in 2024.” He emphasized adopting a Breach Ready mindset and improving cyber defense posture through strategic segmentation of critical systems to minimize damage from breaches. 

Real-time Demos and Industry Insights 

Our booth featured a series of interactive demos across various sectors, each demonstrating how ColorTokens can tailor solutions to specific security needs: 

  • Healthcare Security: Tailored protection for sensitive environments. 
  • Manufacturing Safeguards: Robust defenses for industrial control systems. 
  • Financial Services Security: Advanced solutions for complex compliance needs. 
  • IT Protection: Comprehensive security for agent-based systems. 
  • Legacy Systems: Agentless solutions for uninterrupted operations. 
  • Cloud Security: Dynamic defenses for cloud architectures. 
  • IoT/OT Segmentation: Unified policies for diverse device environments. 
  • Container Security: Specialized protection for containerized applications. 

Capture the Flag Challenge

To add some excitement to the event, we also hosted a thrilling Capture the Flag (CTF) contest, challenging attendees’ cyber-detective skills. This jeopardy-style competition required participants to identify vulnerabilities using ColorTokens’ Xshield, showcasing its capabilities as an all-in-one tool for cyber defense.

Strengthening the Old Ones and Making New Connections 

RSAC is always a fantastic forum to meet friends, former colleagues, and build new relationships. This year was no different. We were so glad to connect with thought leaders, podcast hosts, and fellow cybersecurity professionals all over the world. 

Looking Forward 

Thank you for visiting our booth at RSAC 2024! Your enthusiasm and interest in our solutions inspire us to keep on innovating in the field of cybersecurity. Please do reach out to us should there be anything in which you or your organization would like our assistance. Hope to see you at the next one!