Happy Internet Safety Month! (Are You Dressed for it?)

During Internet Safety Month, CISA is urging internet users to employ safe practices as they use the internet. These recommended practices include using strong passwords, thinking before you click, turning on multi-factor authentication, and updating your software.

As a leading zero-trust microsegmentation solution, ColorTokens would like to remind CISOs and digital infrastructure leaders that despite these urgings for users to be careful, recent history shows that an employee will eventually click on an unsafe link or succumb to a social engineering attack, leading to a breach.  

This begs the question: how can organizations be prepared for the inevitable breach?

A prudent security leader will not neglect to deploy perimeter defenses such as firewalls, anti-virus, and EDR/XDR. However, recent history proves that perimeter defenses are not sufficient. In addition to taking steps to prevent a breach, leaders must posture their digital operations to be breach ready, so they can have continuity of their business processes, even in the face of the inevitable attack. At the risk of committing a fashion faux pas, they must wear both a belt and suspenders.  


Microsegmentation is a fundamental technology that allows enterprises to be breach ready by design. It stops the lateral spread of a breach within the environment, containing the breach and isolating critical assets and applications by enforcing zero-trust traffic policies. This allows valid processes to proceed while stopping unauthorized traffic, preventing a breach from becoming a crisis. ColorTokens can help your organization become breach ready, using its industry-leading zero-trust solution, the Xshield Enterprise Microsegmentation PlatformTM.  

So, while we at ColorTokens can’t help you much with cutting-edge fashion advice, we are here to help your enterprise architecture go beyond breach prevention and towards breach readiness.  

If you’re exploring microsegmentation, we are eager to help. Please contact us here.