June 15, 2020 10:00 pm

ColorTokens Team Spotlight: Meet Elvis Jusic

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ColorTokens recently welcomed cybersecurity veteran Elvis Jusic as our new Regional Sales Director for Australia and New Zealand. In this ColorTokens Team Spotlight, we chatted with Elvis about his first impressions of the company, the current state of cybersecurity, and more.   

Elvis has entered the ColorTokens building! Elvis, tell us a little bit about what you do at ColorTokens and your first impressions of our work?  

My role is to carve out a presence for ColorTokens in the ANZ market. I am excited about playing an active role in introducing cutting-edge technology to a new market, as it aligns with my passion, energy, and experience. 

What has impressed me the most is the passion everyone here shares for bridging the gap between customer requirements and lagging technology to better secure digital assets. The preparedness of investment and pedigree of deep security and industry talent at ColorTokens set the organization apart. I’m struck by the fact that we have so many talented resources available with one aligned objective of customer care and fulfilment without conflicting agendas. 

What are the first few tasks that you plan to take on here? What challenges do you foresee?  

The most important work for me is to develop the right mix of talent that will best represent ColorTokens to our customers and enable our channel. COVID-19 has recalibrated the contention for an organisation’s time and investment. Becoming relevant and helping companies make cybersecurity a priority is both vital and challenging. 

What is your wish list for the first year here?  

Over the next 12 months, I’ll be focused on helping our customers move their most prized digital assets from unsecured to secured, enabling our channel to scale to a wider audience, building brand recognition, and developing a team which the ANZ region would look upon to continually raise its cybersecurity resilience. 

You describe yourself as a heart on sleeve customerfocused salesperson. What does that mean?  

It means having an unadulterated focus on assisting my customers with their challenges and leveraging all the resources at my disposal to a committed outcome: a customer obsession. 

What are your observations about cyber threats and attacks in Australia and New Zealand?  

Cyber threats are a global concern. The challenge locally is always one of resources and staying current. ANZ are amongst the leading nations with respect to uptake and adherence to constantly revised standards that make the region on par with other global leaders. 

How do the changes in work culture brought about by COVID-19 affect the work that we do in the cybersecurity domain?  

The threat landscape has escalated with remote working enablement having inadvertently widened the vulnerability and increased the threat of compromise and, thus, the chances of a successful breach. New paradigms in cybersecurity technologies are required to defend against this unprecedented, pervasive threat to data and businesses. 

What are the new developments that you foresee in the industry?  

The perimeter has blurred, visibility has become complex and difficult, and critical assets are now dispersed across multiple locations and suppliers. Existing security infrastructure has paradoxically become an inhibitor to the delivery of secure solutions. The new paradigm must deliver security independent of the underlying infrastructure and provide visibility across multiple platforms and suppliers. The ideal solution must remove complexity whilst enabling a business and helping to speed it. 

What is the most unusual or interesting moment in your professional career? 

Once at a customer event, I organised for an enthusiastic and adrenaline-seeking CIO a bungee jump in Macau! 

What do you do outside of work?  

I love everything about global cultures, languages, customs, food, and music. It’s also very easy to get me to agree to a big UFC/MMA event. 

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