Blog | Zero Trust Architecture

Zero Trust Architecture

IT Security Trends for 2020: CARTA, Zero Trust, Micro-Segmentation

Protect Against Nodersok Malware with Colortokens Xprotect

Changing the Security Landscape: ColorTokens Xtended Zero Trust Platform

Zero-Trust Visualization with ColorTokens

Why Software-Defined Security Is Key to Securing Hybrid Network Environments

Infographic: Legal Industry Cyber Threats

Zero-Day Attacks: Understanding and Preventing Exploits

Why Zero Trust is the Answer to Securing Healthcare Data

Why Enterprise Security Requires A Decentralized Zero Trust Architecture

Business Drivers for Zero Trust Security

Shift from Reactive Security to Proactive Security

Cosmos Bank Cyber Fraud: Lessons in Cybersecurity for Banks

The Need for Zero Trust Security

How environment separation improves data security [Part 2]

How environment separation improves data security [Part 1]

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