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It's time to secure your cloud with our all-in-one agentless CSPM, equipped with vulnerability management, malware detection, fast onboarding, and compliance.

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During our personalized demo for you, we will show you how Xcloud's CSPM capability will help you:​

  • Gain complete visibility of your multi-cloud environment
  • Automatically inspect all layers of your cloud stack for common configuration mistakes and prioritize them based on risk
  • Continuously monitor your multi-cloud environment for configuration changes so you can identify security risks in your environment
  • Comply with industry best practices and regulatory frameworks such as from the Center for Internet Security or PCI-DSS.
  • Find where you stand with your compliance today and quickly identify and close any gaps.
  • Remediate risks or configuration errors with step-by-step instructions​

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I have set up a few of these including Wazuh, CloudSploit, and Aqua CSPM. This was the easiest and quickest setup yet. The entire process was less than 5 minutes, and I was seeing actionable findings in the Xcloud dashboard. That was pretty awesome!


Ken S.

Information Security Manager for a Large US School District

With Xcloud You Can:​​

  • Find risks hidden deep in your software supply chain – in the libraries and dependencies that your applications rely on.​​
  • Search all of your virtual machines and containers for vulnerabilities, malware, and missing patches.​​
  • Identify installed packages throughout your environment that have security updates available.​​
  • Detect configuration issues in your workloads that expose your data to hackers or lead to credential theft.​​
  • Address regulatory requirements and industry best practices with continuous compliance monitoring for CIS, PCI-DSS, NIST and other frameworks, all with a single tool deployed without agents!​​

What Makes Xcloud Different? ​​

Eliminate agent deployments​

Connect your cloud with a few clicks and see prioritized risks in your environment in minutes. There is no software to install or agents to integrate into your base images so you can avoid lengthy deployment and test cycles.​

Complete Cloud Coverage of your cloud environment​​

Analyze your full cloud—every workload, container, and cloud service across Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud Platform .​​

Unparalleled visibility​

Go deeper into your workload OS to find configuration errors. Analyze your application libraries and dependencies to find key issues that other security tools miss. Find software supply chain issues such as Log4J in code libraries, commercial products, or open-source software.​​

Continuous Coverage​​

Xcloud automatically monitors your entire cloud environment to give you a complete picture of your multi-cloud infrastructure. Never miss security coverage for a workload or resource again when someone forgets to install the agent!​​​​

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I just onboarded Xcloud, and we now have PCI and CIS compliance reports done! This will also be very useful for Tx-RAMP certification that we are targeting.


Ashish S.

Security Head at a US firm managing multi-cloud infrastructure

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